Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Of Those Moments...

There are those moments in your life that fill you with gratitude, love, and thanksgiving beyond what our measly human words can describe.

A few of those moments for me are:
-Accepting Christ as my personal Savior
-Marrying my best friend
-Having my precious babies

Now, those moments above are huge, life changing events.
Sometimes those moments may not be life changing but heart touching in an
indescribable way.

We experienced one of those heart touching moments last night, as a family.

Reese has been making a special effort to keep her room clean. (By herself, without me asking- which is kind of unheard of for the little girl that collects things and hides them in all corners of her room.) Graham has picked up on her cleanliness efforts and cleaned his room yesterday too. (A two-year old boy people!) He actually put everything away in the RIGHT place. It's one thing to pick up your toys and shove them in places so you can go outside to play. It's a whole other (great) thing to pick up those toys and put them in the right place. And not just in the right place, because it is the right place, but so that you can find it the next time you want to play with it!

All that to say, I wanted to reward them somehow.... with something they wouldn't forget.

As they were getting ready for bed last night, all kinds of questions were asked in trying to guess the 'surprise'.

"Is it a toy you bought?" No, it's not a toy.
"Is it dress up fairy wings?" No, you can't wear it.

When it was time to get in bed, I had Graham go get his pillow and blankie.
(and pacie... gulp. He's down to the last one folks and yes he is about to turn 3 :/ )
When he came back into Reese's room, I pulled out her trundle bed and asked it they'd like to have a slumber party.
SHHHREEAAAAKKKKKSS! (I'm sure the neighbors heard)
Daddy got the iPad and set it up so they could lay in bed together and watch Handy Manny in bed.
(My kids don't have t.v.'s in their rooms, nor do they usually stay up that late.)

As they laid, tucked in, watching the show, that's when it started....
The uncontrollable giggles from a 2-year-old boy who has never had this fun experience before.

Reese started giggling. Mommy started giggling. Daddy started giggling. Graham giggled even harder.
Mommy starting crying.

Thank You Lord for my family. Thank you for (what we think are) the tough times.
Thank You Lord for the great times.
Thank You Lord for the childish giggles.
Thank You Lord for those moments that put the cherry on top of being a Mommy.

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