Thursday, July 19, 2012

BBQ Lovin'

We had a busy couple of days this past weekend.
One event we WEREN'T going to miss was a
BBQ Couples Shower for my hubby's co-worker.

The soon-to-be sisters of the co-worker did a great job at planning and pulling off the event.

Can I see professional party planning in their future? Yep. And here's why....

 (I'd love to have that Corn, Cheese & Tomato Salad and the Taffy Apple Salad recipes... hint hint)

My favorite part was the S'mores Bar.... I'm not a bar person, but this kind of bar I could definitely visit often. I might have had one too many.
(Or two too many..... okay, really, three too many. And when I say too many, that's on top of the normal two every person is allowed before people think you are a BBQ skewer stealer.)

The gift idea...
The soon-to-be sisters approached me with a cute bag (below)
with the bride-to-be's soon-to-be initials.
"Can you fill it for us?" They asked.

Well, what couple wouldn't want a bag of beach goodies?
It was perfect because this couple happens to be beaching it after the I Do's.

HIS: Manly colored beach towel, black flip flops, sport sunscreen, aloe and a very manly magazine.
HERS: Girly beach towel, silver flip flops, tanning oil, a DIY magazine and a HOT pink floppy beach hat (not pictured).

Stacy has more great pictures and BBQ lovin' over HERE.
(And where she collected all the great ideas!)

And I almost forgot the BEST BEST BEST idea for a couples shower.....

We took our two kids and didn't see them much the whole time.
The Sisters got fun Jr. High girls to play with the little ones and keep them busy so the Mom's and Dad's could play couples games, eat in peace,
and cuddle by the fire pit making s'mores.
THANK YOU. It was kinda like a date ;)

(Did I miss the babysitter tip jar???? I felt like I needed to pay someone!) :)

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