Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Little Secret...

I have a little secret. And it's under my sink.....

For years I have carried a handled organizing tub around from bathroom to bathroom to clean. It was filled with a ton of cleaning products, most of which, I didn't even use.

Then I smartened up and decided to put one small basket in each bathroom, under the sink, and eliminate products that aren't necessary.

Small. Simple. Clean.

No more carrying that tub of cleaning stuff up and down the stairs.
Not to mention the toilet brush! (Enter BIG yucky face here.)

In each basket, in each bathroom:
- A roll of Paper Towels
- Glass Cleaner
- Tub Cleaner
- Toilet Bowl Cleaner
- Disinfecting Wipes

(My Bathroom)

 (Upstairs Bathroom)

 (Guest Bathroom)

And beside each basket, under each sink, is a toilet brush!

Why on earth has it not occurred to me to do this years ago???? (I have no idea.)
I DO know that it's a lot easier cleaning my bathrooms now!!!

Happy Scrubbing!


  1. Just a reminder to moms with young kids to make sure they have latches on the cabinets if they keep cleaners down on their level. Easy to forget!

  2. Great idea! I agree with the yucky face about the toilet brush. The girls helped me clean last week, and I was trying not to cringe as they carried the brush to each of the bathrooms. Now, I have a solution, thanks to you :)