Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lunch Time

Around here, I'm usually sharing recipes we love and projects I'm working on. However, today, I'm going to share about our lunch times.

You see, sometimes I struggle with the fact that I am ALWAYS in my kitchen. It starts at breakfast... preparing, feeding, wiping, cleaning. Then snack time. Preparing, feeding, wiping, cleaning. Then, what feels like just a few minutes later, it's lunch time. Then that cycle happens all over again. I try to quickly get through lunch before the occasional afternoon snack and then the grand finale.... dinner.

I can tell you almost every lunch consistently has me saying things like,
"Please sit on your bottom."
"Use two hands please."
"We are not doggies. Don't lick the table."
"Are you sure you need BOTH mayo and mustard on your sandwich?"

I tell you all these details not to seem discontent with our eating schedule, or discontent with life as a Mom AT ALL. I feel blessed every single day that I am home with my kids. And I realize the privilege and HUGE responsibility that comes with being a Mommy.

Yesterday, as I hurried though the normal lunch prep and was about to sit down across from my boys, I realized that in 5 short years,
 I will be sitting down to eat lunch all by myself.
That, dear readers, made this Momma's heart sad. I love seeing my kids grow, but at the same time, I hate it.

So as of today, I'm slowing down lunch.
So much happens at lunch, I can't afford to miss a thing. You see, the quietness, while chewing food, allows 4-year-old curious minds to come up will all kinds of good questions.
"Did the doctor use a machine to get the baby out of your tummy?"
"No one is supposed to see my panties, right?"
"What letter is this?" (As he air-draws a letter.)
Some questions can't even get verbalized because his mind is going faster than his mouth can keep up.

Lunch time is also my favorite time to go over Bible verses and songs. I love how amazing it is to Graham every time I know a Bible verse or song he learned in Church. "You know that one too?!?!"

Yesterday, I was reminded.....
It's okay to stand the whole lunch. Because every Mom knows, as soon as your bottom hits the chair, you are sure to hear a question like,
"Can I have more juice?" or "I need a map-kin." (I bet in 5 years, I'll gain some weight from all of the sitting.)

I realized it's okay to eat cold grilled cheese.

I realized it's okay to change a poopie diaper half way through eating. (It helps me skip that chocolate bar after lunch.)

I realized it's okay to hear the question, "Mommy, you are still eating lunch?" (10 minutes after all the kids have left the table.)

So from now on, I'm going to make sure the mayo and mustard are evenly spread on the bread and I'll shovel in the squash a little slower. Because in five years, those hungry little faces will be sitting across from someone else.

And I'm certainly going to enjoy wiping up all of the crumbs.
Crumbs mean that I spent lunch time with some very important people.

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