Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Celebrating the 2014 Olympics

I love the Olympics. Winter. Summer. It doesn't matter, I love them. 
There are some events that aren't as exciting of others, of course. {But I'll watch any of it.}

In preparation for the beginning of the Olympics a few weeks ago, I wanted to get the kids excited about watching the games.

Opening night, we had an Olympic mini-party.
We talked about the 'Olympic symbol' and made our own Olympic symbol flags with card stock, empty toilet paper rolls and paint. 

Did you know all the countries that compete in the Olympics have at least one of the 6 colors of the Olympic symbol (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, and White) in their flags?

Time to feed my Olympians!
(My Olympic ring colors were a little off. I couldn't think of anything blue that would be tasty.)

  Torches for all the athletes to carry....

 And of course, Gold Medals for all the winners!

The torches were a hit, and it quickly became apparent that my 4 year old was Olympic deprived.

We held our own little 'Olympic' games. All easy, Minute To Win It type games.
Moving an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without dropping it, racing to pick up marshmallows with chopsticks, etc.

Watching the Opening Night of the Olympics, we learned one important thing:
Record the games so the kids can watch them the next day.
They were soooo excited about watching the torch light up, but someone couldn't stay awake long enough...

Joel and I stayed up late every night watching Primetime Olympics. Then I would watch it again the next day with the kids (fast forwarding to the good parts for them). Some days we could watch Olympics all day!

And last night, we grabbed our torches to watch the closing ceremonies!

Looking forward to the Summer Olympics in 2016!
Until then, we will try to talk the kids out of snowboarding and ice skating lessons!

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