Monday, February 17, 2014

A peek into our Valentines weekend

As my days get busier I am constantly reminding myself that
it's the little things that make special days extra special. 
Heart hair was one small thing that put a BIG smile on my second graders face.

Happy Valentines to me from my best friend. (Pink and red roses, although BEAUTIFUL, not pictured).
My hast tag for this photo was #hetotallygetsme.

Every time I see this quote, I LOVE it even more.

We were getting ready for company that night so Joel helped me by bringing dinner home.
The kids LOVED it!

I LOVE giving my kids little gifts for the 'small' holidays.
They get so excited to see what prizes they will receive!

Saturday, we boarded a train with some sweet friends and spent the day in The Windy City.
This was little Buddy's first train ride. And, of course, he was an angel the whole day.

{We all had fun at the Aquarium.}

We LOVE time spent walking in the city. This is how you do it in February!

He keeps my heart warm.
So glad he is mine.

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