Monday, January 14, 2013

Under Our Christmas Tree {2012}

Some nifty-gifty ideas that were found under our tree this Christmas:

In addition to Reese's school classroom gift exchange, each student was asked to bring a small stocking stuffer gift. 
Reese made these CUTE snowman candy bars for her friends at school.
(This was, of course, a Pinterest find! See my inspiration HERE.)

We bought packs of Hershey's Chocolate Candy bars. 
I cut and taped white card stock around each candy bar. 
Reese then added her artistic touches by drawing the faces before I hot glued on the ear muffs and buttons. We finished them with a Christmas ribbon scarf.


This was the first year that I have ever given our mail person and the garbage company Christmas gifts.
I thought a plate of homemade cookies sounded just right!
I wrapped each plate in red cellophane and tied it with ribbon. I also found a free "Merry Christmas" printable. (There are MILLIONS of free printable tags out there!)

The mail truck and the garbage truck come around the same time every Friday. It just happened to be VERY windy and snowy that particular Friday. My plan to set a plate of cookies in a box for the garbage company was a no-go. It also didn't occur to me that my plate of cookies for the mail carrier was too big for our mailbox.
So, you can imagine the time I spent that day waiting and watching! As soon as I saw them drive up, I had to throw on my snow boots and coat and run out to catch them!
All in the name of homemade cookies!!!!!
(I'll think smaller next year!)


I love including my kids in gift giving.
Everything from picking out the gift, to wrapping the gift. I love how excited they get!
These print and color gift tags were the PERFECT way to add the child's touch to gifts this year!

All I had to do was print the tags onto card stock and cut them out. The kids colored them how they wanted and then they were gift-ready!
So cute and easy!
{Print yours HERE!}

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