Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Balloon Wreath

We recently celebrated a very special Little Boy's third birthday!
(More of Graham's 3rd Birthday coming soon! Plus, his 1st and 2nd too!)

To kick off the pre-birthday decorations, I made a birthday balloon.
I decided to keep the balloon colors gender neutral so I can use them for any birthday!

Here's What You'll Need:

A straw wreath (I bought a 14 inch wreath)
Balloons (I used about 300)
Floral pins (You'll need the same number of pins and balloons)
Ribbon for hanging

Here's How:
 One at a time, pin each balloon on the wreath using the floral pins folded like this...

Be sure to push the floral pins in as far as you can.
Pin the balloons close together for a full wreath. 
(I didn't want to see any of the straw wreath behind my balloons.)

And then keep pinning and pinning balloons!!! 
Turn on the Food Network, or HGTV, or your other favorite channel and the time will pass quickly! 

When I got to the top of the wreath, I hung the wreath on the ribbon and pinned the ribbon to the wreath using floral pins.

Ta-Da! How cute and festive, right?? I'm in love with my balloon wreath.
I can't wait until the next birthday to use it again!

This adorable idea can be found in tons of places!

This is the wreath that inspired me....

If you are hanging your balloon wreath on a glass door, I suggest covering the wreath with ribbon.
Did you notice the 'Thank You' for guests to see as they leave? Love it!

Having a balloon party? Make centerpieces too!

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