Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Too Late For Fall Wreath

I received an email the other day with the title: 

"Not too late for fall"

I put out my few fall decorations (inside my house) yesterday. 
{Better late than never!}

My mums, 
that have been sitting in the garage waiting to be planted for almost a month, 
on the other hand...
it is too late for them!
So... I'll stick with artificial flowers this fall!

I recently got a special visit from my oldest friend. 
Not that she is old, but I've known her my entire life. 
We are alike and different in the perfect combination.... when we see each other, even after months of being apart, we can pick up our friendship like we just hung out the day before. 
She's one of my bestest friends and extra special to me because were are family. 

Here we are this summer, holding each others' 3rd baby...

We decided to get crafty when she visited a couple weeks ago.
We pinned fall wreaths like crazy and came up with a combo that we liked.

To start, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase grape vine wreaths, burlap and flowers.

We started by bunching the burlap roll into little sections and secured with floral wire.

Then we placed the burlap onto the wreath to get an idea of how we wanted the burlap to lay...

When we liked how it looked, we attached it to the wreath with the same wire....

Next came the flowers {attached using hot glue}.

To make the bow, we used this technique:

VERY simple and easy. You can follow these instructions as well.

Then we came to a stopping point. Or at least, I did. My original idea was to add my last initial but the one I purchased was too big.

My cousin's initial was the perfect size.
After spray painting it with chalk board paint, it was the PERFECT addition to her wreath.
It will be so easy to change her 'Welcome' wreath to a 'Thank You' wreath or a 'Happy Birthday' wreath... the possibilities are endless!

I finished my fall wreath with a chevron burlap bow (made the same way as the one above) and a small burlap bunting that I painted with the letters F-A-L-L.

And meanwhile, in the living room....

{love time with family}

Happy FALL y'all!