Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy 4 Months Tagg

Yesterday marked 4 months of having our new baby Tagg.
{may 10, 2013}

I cannot tell you enough what a fun, sweet, cuddly baby he is!
{may 25}

If you're like me, every time we add another child to the family, you wonder how the family dynamic and your schedules will change. 
{july 28}

Sure, adding a third has definitely made life busier, but Tagg is the PERFECT baby for us.
If I was given the ability to design my own children, I am certain, 100%, that I would not be able to design them more perfect!
(Everything from that intoxicating baby head smell down to his clammy little tootsies!)

{june 17}

Everyday I marvel at God's grace. His love overwhelms me and I am so thankful for this little bundle of joy....
{may 20}


We just love those sweet cheeks.
{may 24}

Lots of naps. Adjusting to a new baby in the house is tiring!
{may 31}

Lots of snuggles. Tagg gets the award for my 'most snugly baby'.
{june 2}


Proud BIG Sister!
{june 13}

{june 20}

First long trip in the car. He was an angel, of course, and loved to stretch when we stopped to get him out of his car seat.
{july 7} 


Every mom dreads the two month doctor visit...
Tagg cried. Reese cried. Mommy cried.
{july 15}

First diaper change from Big Sis!
{july 17}

LOVES to be wrapped tight for naps.
{july 24}

Such a happy boy in the bath! 
There's just something about how a baby smells fresh out of the bath.
{july 25}


It's a rough life y'all!

Continuing his nighttime ritual of falling asleep on Daddy....
{august 14}

Reese is off to school. We sure do miss her smile around here during the day!
{august 18}

He loves his play mat and toys and I love his peacock hair!
{august 19}

I have a couple of couch potatoes on my hands thanks to Disney Junior!
{august 20}

I got to use my Moby Wrap several times and we both love it. Worth the investment- just remember, practice makes you better!
{august 22}

First cereal...not a fan.
{august 25}

Bath time, on the other hand, is still a thrill.
Can't you just hear the scream through the picture???
{september 4}

Not sure how I deserve these three....
{september 6}

Baby Dedication Sunday....  
{september 7}

{we can't wait to see what this month holds!}

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