Friday, July 26, 2013

A Daddy Gift

Like most kids, Reese and Graham LOVE to draw and color pictures.
The only requirement is that you keep EVERYTHING they give you.

I thought this photo was funny....
Not entirely true, but it emphasizes the fact of how wrong it is to throw away ANYTHING (in the eyes of children.)

My kids learn quick that Mommy throws out stuff.
When crafting with their friends, they even talk about how guests need to not leave the newly crafted junk treasures on the floor. "My Mom will throw it out" is what they say.
I'm sorry... Mommy can't handle papers just lying around. If I did, I would have died years ago from paper strangulation.

Anyway.... with that said, they give Daddy TONS of pretty artwork. And Daddy takes it to work.
In an attempt to keep those papers organized and help them remain a keepsake, enter the organizer we got him for his birthday.

It's a plastic box that holds file folders perfectly.
And each file folder is now labeled with a year. I started with 2005, the year our oldest was born, and ended with 2029. That's a lot of keepsakes!

So this plastic file box doesn't get confused with 'work' stuff, I added this poem to the front:

"Paint me a picture,
Both happy and bright;
That will light up my face
Both day and night!
Paint me a world of make believe...
Of princesses, dragons, and knights on steed!
And when you are finished,
I know just what to do!
I'll save those precious pictures,
And one day, show them all to you!"

It is already holding precious gifts of paper from our kids to Daddy.
It will be fun to see them go through the files, piece by piece, when they're older and see what they drew from years past.

I'm thinking of making one for me. I find myself getting jealous that Daddy is getting all of the artwork.  The purger in me does love those precious drawings and pictures when they have a place!

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