Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bump Day Bump Date- 4 weeks

I starting writing lots of great reasons why I haven't posted a Bump Day Bump Date the last few weeks. None of them sounded good enough. So, I'll just stick with, "Hey! I'm pregnant, give me a break." :)
Good news, now I'm even closer!!!! The countdown is on ONE HAND!

Today marks 36 weeks and 5 days.
Not that I'm counting or anything.... {I'm hoping you sensed the sarcasm dripping off that statement.}
I am TOTALLY counting down! We are just too excited not to.

At my last appointment, I weighed in at 157. I think next time I go, I'm going to need to stand on the scale backwards. Not because I don't want to see what the scale says, but because my belly hits the rail in front of me and I barely have room to stand on the scale!
{That puts my weight gain, so far, at 32 pounds.}
It was also my first of the 'every week' check-ups. And every woman knows, you are nearing the end when you go every week!
But, in the words of my Doctor, "Not much happening down there."
Totally not what I was expecting.
Oh well. My baby will come when he/she is ready.
And after we buy a carseat.
And after the bassinet is set up.
And after my Mom gets here...... :)


I think I'm done buying maternity clothes at this point.
I do however want to invest in some nursing tank tops and I've been peeking at my non-maternity summer clothes to see what I can wear to nurse easily.


I'm still on this ice chip kick. And a tall glass of chocolate milk with my breakfast every morning. :)

At an appointment a few weeks ago, I mentioned to my Doctor that I have been having more calf cramps during the night. His advice was to drink 2 Gatorade sports drinks a day to help. I totally want to do that, except something about drinking Gatorade right now makes me feel a little nauseous.


Easter Sunday 
{34 weeks}

{35 Weeks}


I should say that has started. I painted my bathroom a few weeks ago. I currently have 4 different paint samples on the walls in my kitchen. When we have guests over I have to say, "Excuse my indecisiveness."
I rearranged both kids rooms and have started Spring cleaning.
Sunday, I sewed curtains for my bedroom and have fabric for the kitchen windows ready to be made into curtains.

I'm not sure the true definition of 'nesting'. For me, I think it's more than wanting to get ready for baby, it's making a list when you first find out you're pregnant, procrastinating till you're huge, and then trying to finish things on this list that has grown considerably- right along side of your belly that has, incidentally, also grown considerably!
Either way, I'm totally nesting. :)

Happy Bump Day!!!!

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  1. you are so adorable! YAY for 36 weeks! I know you have to be getting anxious! I was admitted into the hospital for preterm labor last week =/ I'm only 33 weeks so I had to take some meds to stop the labor. My doctors say they'll be happy if I make it to 36 since I'm already dilated to 3CM and on bed rest. I know at this point I'm grown out of my maternity clothes and refuse to buy anymore. Hopefully you have some "activity" soon!