Sunday, May 4, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Here are 10 easy and quick Teacher Appreciation Gift ideas.
I can PROMISE that they are easy and quick because I've made them all!

1. "We are so thankful that God PICKED you to be Reese's teacher this year!"

Strawberry scented hand soap and hand sanitizer make a nice change from the expected 'apple' scented teacher gifts. Put the soaps in an empty fruit container box to make it that much more special! (For this gift, I also included a gift card to a local produce market.)

2. "An excellent TEACHER never falls to PIECES."
  I filled a Target dollar spot glass jar with Reese's Pieces candy.
What a neat little jar to keep at the desk when the teacher might need a little something sweet!

3. "You are one POLISHED teacher."

4. "I have to ad-'mitt' you are a great teacher!"

Find a cute oven mitt and all you need to do is print and attach THIS label!
(This link is for another 'ad-mitt' label. Right now, I can't find the one I used.)

5. "You are one 'soup'er teacher!"
 It's as easy as pie.... even though it's soup!
I bought a gourmet bag of soup and attached a simple, handwritten label.

6. "We need S'more teachers like you!"

 This was the yummiest teacher gift I have ever made.
Mix a bag of mini marshmallows, a box of bear shaped Graham Crackers and a bag of Hershey's Milk Chocolate Drops. Since the marshmallows will dry out, be sure to place your mixture in an air tight container and be sure to use THIS cute tag.
(I almost substituted the Drops for a bag of milk chocolate chips and I'm SO glad I didn't! The Drops make this so delicious.)
Who doesn't want to eat S'mores by the handful????

7. "Thanks for making me one smart cookie."
 Everyone has their favorite cookie recipe. And I haven't met a teacher that doesn't like a good cookie!
Attach THIS cute card (and maybe even the recipe!).

8. "You deserve a hand."
 I picked a yummy smelling hand soap and traced my daughter's hand to make this simple card.

9. "You're an A&Wesome teacher!"
 I'm sure you've seen this gift around Pinterest. And believe me, the printable tag HERE makes this gift even MORE A&Wesome!

10. "There is no 'sub'stitute for you."
It doesn't have to be a gift card with a ton of $. 
5$ at Subway can get a teacher a lunch! You know that saying, "Every little bit counts."


  1. All of these ideas are wonderful!! I plan on using one of these for Wes's teacher. Thanks for all the ideas!!

  2. I love your ideas they are great!...