Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elf Shenanigans 2012

- Bath Time -

(At some point during the day, Graham filled the sink with water- turning the marshmallows into mush and soaking Cutie Bell..... time to dry her off!)

- Super Elf - 
While Cutie Bell was pampering, Tree Stump was flying high in the Living Room.

- Sleep Tight! -

- Christmas Tree T.P. - 

- Snow Ball Fight -

- Hanging High - 
Sometimes, they like to just hang around.

- 12 Days of Christmas -
Reese and Graham get to take turns opening a book each day leading up to Christmas.
(Cutie Bell had me buy a bunch of Christmas books and DVD'a last year on clearance!)

- Missing Home -
Our freezer is the closest temperature to what these elves are used to!

 - Movie Night - 
The t.v. was on playing a Christmas movie when Reese and Graham woke one morning.

- Hot Chocolate Breakfast - 

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