Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Did you think I fell off of the face of the planet?
Well, I didn't and the great excuse for my absence....  life is happening too fast!

We're already into the second day of FALL 2012.
So exciting!
(Christmas is right around the corner.)
But, before it gets snowy, here are a list of things we do in the fall....

- Apple Picking

(taken last year)

- Pumpkin Baking

(found here)

- Pinterest Craft Making 

(seems like I never get this one crossed of my to-do list)

(found here)

- Scarves!!!! 

(found here)

- Mini Fall Vacation

- Apple Baking

(found here)

- Pumpkin Carving

(found here)

- Fall Decorating 

(I need to get on this! I'm already 2 days behind!)

- Fall Clothes Shopping 

(I'm particularly excited about the polka-dot trend!)
(found here)

- Family Pictures

(taken two years ago)

- Crockpot Slow Cooking

(found here)

What fun fall things do you have planned????

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